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Fire Ant Spraying for San Angelo & Abilene, TX

An ant infestation may not seem like a big deal when it happens outside, but when disturbed, fire ants can be pretty nasty. Sometimes homeowners attempt to deal with fire ants on their own, but the ants just relocate to another area of the yard. Plus, dealing with these pesky ants can mean getting stung. 

At Lone Star Lawn and Landscape, we offer guaranteed fire ant spraying and control throughout the Abilene, TX area. We can help rid your property of fire ants to ensure your family, friends, children and pets don’t get stung. Call us today to schedule an appointment.
fire ant spraying San Angelo, TX

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Are fire ants dangerous?
When threatened, fire ants can deliver a sting to anyone disturbing their nest or mound. If you’re not allergic, the sting isn’t lethal. However, you won’t usually be attacked by just one ant; they attack as a group, so you are likely to be stung multiple times. Another danger of having fire ants in your yard is that they may end up in your home.

What time of year are fire ants more active?
Actually, in West Texas, we see fire ants just about all year long. When they’re underground, they’re not active but would still react if threatened.

Where do fire ants tend to live?
Fire ants like sunnier areas, but tend to stay underground during the hottest parts of the day and year. 

What do red ants look like?
Red ants can range from reddish-black to reddish-brown, and are identified by their stinger. 

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