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Lawn Aerating for Abilene & San Angelo, TX

Taking care of your lawn and landscape takes more than sunshine and rain. Lawn aerating is one of the best things you can do for your lawn; it allows the lawn to bring in the adequate nutrients to survive. Instead of spending money on an aerator yourself, rely on the pros at Lone Star Lawn and Landscape. We have all the equipment you need to strengthen grass and plants throughout Abilene, TX; San Angelo, TX; and beyond.
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Open your Soil to Important Nutrients
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What is lawn aeration?
Aeration is a mechanical process in which plugs of soil and thatch are removed from the lawn. The plugs are generally 1-4 inches long and are left on top of the lawn to work back into the soil. 

Why should a lawn be aerated?
Over time, soil compacts cause a disruption in the natural decomposition of thatch. This results in excessive buildup of thatch. The root zone of your lawn can suffocate because it is not adequately receiving air, water and nutrients. This can cause turf areas to thin out, despite adequate fertilization and watering. Aeration opens up the thatch layer and helps relieve soil compaction, allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone where they are needed most.

When should a lawn be aerated?
All lawns benefit from an annual aeration. A lawn can be aerated at any time the ground is not frozen, but should not be done when it is extremely hot and dry. Spring and fall are the ideal times for a lawn to be aerated. If a lawn is growing on heavy clay or is exposed to heavy traffic, it will benefit most from two aerations a year.

Spring aerations are generally scheduled for March or April, and fall aerations are scheduled for September or October. Call us today to schedule your annual aeration service! 
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